Stunt Double Writing Services

Just like a Hollywood stuntman, I'll do as much work behind the scenes as you need me to do.


"Some writers are curiously unmusical. I don't get it. I don't get them. For me, music is essential. I always have music on when I'm doing well. Writing and music are two different mediums, but musical phrases can give you sentences that you didn't think you ever had." -- Barry Hannah


     I'm an editorial handyman. I've written articles, opinion pieces and columns, and conducted interviews for newspapers, ezines and Internet media companies during my 30-year career. I've proofread financial documents for an accounting firm, and conducted top-to-bottom editorial reviews of corporate web sites.  

     I can give your personal or corporate project the shine you desire so you can present your writing, products or services in a clear, concise fashion. I can write, edit or proofread marketing material, a web site, an autobiography, press releases – let’s work together! Recently I completed my first memoir, so I can help you write your life story, or give a hard edit to your manuscript.

     I have published a short-story collection, (C)rock Stories: Million-Dollar Tales of Music, Mayhem and Immaturity, and one children’s book, A Wicked Good Trip! Additionally, my short stories have appeared in anthologies including Tales from the House Band, Vol. 2 (Plus One Press); Movable Feasts; Losing the Map; and Company Time (these latter three via Booklocker).




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