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Just like a Hollywood stuntman, I'll do as much work behind the scenes as you need me to do.



     Reading memoirs and autobiographies is akin to having an extended dinner-party conversation with someone. In learning about a particular event on a person’s time line, or about their entire life story, you gain incredible insight into who they are. Readers often find it easier to relate to memoirs and autobiographies than to fiction, due to the “Yes, I’ve done that!” or “I would never do that!” factors.

       Writing your non-fiction story can be incredibly liberating. Let’s face it, most of us enjoy talking about ourselves! Memoirs and autobiographies, however, are more than straight-line narratives sprinkled with a healthy dose of bragging. When sitting down to write, you must figure out why you are writing, what themes you want to get across, and how best to hold the readers in suspense through the process.

     In working with Stunt Double, you will learn how best to tell your story, whether you write it yourself, or allow me to work from your tapes, notes or outlines.

     I also offer services such as proofreading your memoir or autobiography for grammar mistakes, and wholesale editing for content.

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